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vigilant adj : carefully observant or attentive; on the lookout for possible danger; "a policy of open-eyed awareness"; "the vigilant eye of the town watch"; "there was a watchful dignity in the room"; "a watchful parent with a toddler in tow" [syn: argus-eyed, open-eyed, wakeful, watchful]

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  1. watchful; wary; alert
    Be vigilant for signs of disease in your garden.


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Argus-eyed, acute, agog, alert, all ears, all eyes, all ready, all set, armed, armed and ready, attentive, aux aguets, avid, booted and spurred, briefed, careful, cautious, chary, circumspect, coached, cocked, covering, custodial, defensive, eager, eagle-eyed, equipped, familiarized, fostering, good and ready, groomed, guarded, guardian, guarding, hawk-eyed, immunizing, in arms, in battle array, in readiness, in the saddle, informed, keen, keen-eyed, lidless, loaded, loaded for bear, mature, mobilized, observant, on guard, on the alert, on the lookout, on the mark, on the watch, open-eyed, parental, planned, prearranged, prepared, prepared and ready, prepped, preventive, primed, prophylactic, protecting, protective, provided, prudent, psyched up, ready, ready for anything, ripe, safeguarding, screening, set, sharp, sharp-eyed, sheltering, shielding, sleepless, tutelary, unsleeping, up in arms, wakeful, wary, watchful, well-prepared, wide-awake, with open eyes
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